I am available for Individual Energy Medicine/Reiki Sessions in person or by Skype/FaceTime/Zoom, and SWAMI Personalized Nutrition in person only.

Energy Medicine and Reiki

In an Energy Medicine/Reiki Session, I will asses and balance you body's energy systems, and teach you simple exercises to maintain the balance and build resilience. I use multiple brands of Essential Oils when needed. You will remain fully clothed the entire time.

Sessions are $130 for 60 minutes.

SWAMI Personalized Nutrition

During this consultation, your biometrics will be assessed and you will be asked personal and family history questions. The program will calculate your optimal nutritional needs based on your personal biochemistry. The complete intake and takes approximately 60 minutes.

Personalized Nutrition Assessment and Complete Report $350

ABO Blood Type Test $25

Meal Preparation

Once you receive your SWAMI Report, it's time to get cooking!  Meal preparation for healthy eating, can be creative and fun! You will learn how to plan and prepare meals using your Beneficial foods for optimum nutrition. You will also learn how to alter traditional recipes, replacing Avoid foods with Beneficials, and what your best substitution options are.

Hands On Meal Preparation fee varies. Contact me to schedule a complimentary Meal Preparation Consultation,