Energy Medicine and Reiki


Energy Medicine and Reiki Sessions

Energy Medicine and Reiki are gentle methods which balance and restore the body’s natural energies. Both use light touch but do not require touch to be effective. You will remain fully clothed.

Sessions are $130 for 60 minutes.

What happens during a Session is highly individual, and what you experience will be based on your body's needs.

A typical Session begins with assessing your body's energy flows. From there, we have many options to balance your energy and choose what is best suited to your individual body's needs. The Energy Systems I work with, include:  

  • Triple Heater, Sympathetic Nervous System, Fight/Flight
  • The Vagus Nerve, Parasympathetic Nervous System, Rest/Digest
  • Five Elements
  • Chakras
  • Auric Field
  • Meridians
  • Grid
  • Extraordinary Vessels
  • Electrics
  • Assemblage Point, Sense of Purpose, Guiding Light

Grid Work

The Grid is the framework for all of the body’s energy systems, and the resilience of all of the other energy systems depends on the integrity of the Grid. Shock or trauma at any time in our life can cause fractures to the Grid, which can appear as feeling less vital in both body and mind. A fractured Grid can be responsible for someone being more vulnerable to illness, more emotionally fragile or less adaptive to environmental challenges.

When a body has a fractured Grid, other energy systems adapt by forming a temporary energetic structure. Once the Grid is repaired, energies are able to return to their original pathways and responsibilities.

Grid work affects all of the other energy systems in the body, and it is important that all other systems are at their best prior to beginning Grid work.

The impact of Grid work is unique to each individual. It is best to have an extended rest time afterward to allow the Grid work to fully integrate.

Grid Sessions are open ended, and charged at the rate of $150/hour.


Our present lives are shaped by all of our experiences leading up to this moment. These experiences can be from earlier in our lives, including in utero, or from prior lifetimes. Often, traumas that happened in earlier times, can show up in our current moment, as behavioral patterns, pain or illness. Regressions allow us to connect with those earlier times, and balance what is out of balance.​​

Regression is the process of energetically and emotionally returning to the time and place where challenges in our present lives such as loss, betrayal, illness, injury or other trauma began. When we have challenges that appear to have no clear physical cause-and-effect relationships, a Regression session can help to restore energetic balance and heal all the way back to the level where the challenge began.

Dolores Cannon’s method of hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®), involves inducing an individual into the Somnambulistic state of trance through visualization. Dolores discovered that any individual can gain access to experiences of Past Lives they have lived. She learned to communicate with the infinitely knowledgeable and powerful inner being, which exists just below the surface of our minds. She referred to this aspect as The Subconscious. The Subconscious is what gives QHHT®  Practitioners access to past lives and the ability to perform instantaneous healings when appropriate. Dolores taught that we all have a Subconscious which contains the answers to any question we may have about ourselves or the life we are living.

Regression Sessions are open ended, and charged at the rate of $150/hour.