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SWAMI Personalized Nutrition

What is SWAMI?

SWAMI stands for Serotyping With Advanced Modifying Inventories. Serotyping is the process of using blood groups to generate dietary recommendations. Advanced Modifying Inventories are the fingerprint analysis, biometric measurements, and other data, that are used to refine the Blood Type data into the SWAMI GenoType3 Personalized Profile Report.

SWAMI will use your own health profile to build a dynamic, unique guide; that is beneficial for your biochemical individuality. 

Incorporating blood types, biometric measurements and fingerprint data, SWAMI calculates your personal dietary recommendations, and formats them into a comprehensive and easy to read report. Your personal SWAMI report uses 12,600,000 individual calculations, performed on 225 individual nutrient values found for each of 800 different foods. Your report and recommendations will be custom tailored to your individual needs. Even identical twins will have some variance on their recommended foods, since even twins have variations within their personal biometrics.

The Nutrient Filter allows you to select certain nutrients that can be emphasized and de-emphasized in your diet. I can further customize your plan by inputting preferences depending on your health concerns.

SWAMI will continuously update as new foods and nutrients are tested. It is also designed to grow as your horizons expand. You can add information on your ancestral DNA haplogroups, or new lab results. Although not required, SWAMI can incorporate all of this, and more.

GenoHarmonic food relationships emphasize combinations of super-beneficial foods containing nutrients that enhance the overall epigenetic health of the body. Because maintaining gene fidelity is a major hallmark of healthy aging, using these food combinations will have maximum personalized health-enhancing effects in your body.

There is even a SWAMI GT3 Cross Reference feature, to plan and prepare meals that are beneficial using up to 4 individual SWAMI Reports. 

What is included?

We begin with the intake, including measurements, fingerprints and history. After all of your personal information has been submitted, the next step is the consultation, to explain the results, go over the report, and answer any questions that you may have. The entire process takes about an hour.

You will receive:

  • 50+ page report placing over 800 foods in one of three categories: super foods, neutral foods, and foods best avoided.
  • Link to your report online.
  • Smartphone link.

All included for a one time fee of $475.

SWAMI Recipe Adaptation and Meal Planning

Once you receive your SWAMI Report, it’s time to get cooking.  Meal preparation for healthy eating, can be creative and fun! You will learn how to plan and prepare meals using your Beneficial foods for optimum nutrition. You will also learn how to alter traditional recipes, replacing Avoid foods with Beneficials, and what your best substitution options are. Fees are based on time and materials provides.

Contact me to schedule your Consultation.

“I started going to Amy due to a cholesterol issue and some pretty bad news from a physician. I had an extremely poor diet, I had no energy, constant joint and back pain and fear that something terrible was going to happen if I continued on this path. It’s been only a few months since Amy has started helping me with SWAMI and the results are absolutely there. I’ve lost weight, regained my energy, I’ve been able to build muscle a lot faster but the best part of all this is I don’t live in constant fear that my health is failing. Amy always has time to answer any question I have and is always there when I need help so I don’t feel like I’m doing this by myself. I can honestly say this was the best decision I’ve made for my health.” ~ MC, Tucson, AZ

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