“When I first met with Amy for an energy session I had no idea what to expect. I had never done this before so I was very open. I must say I was completely surprised by my experience. The emotions that released from my body surprised me and the high I felt when I left there is something that’s difficult to describe. I have since been to another session and experienced the same wonderful experience and planning another session soon. It amazes me how Amy knows exactly what you need. She is a total sweetheart and makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. I never leave there without a book recommendation, a recipe or tools that I can use at home. Also, her work space is so nice, calming and comfortable! I highly recommend her! ❤” ~ PU, Tucson, AZ


“I started going to Amy because of a lot of chronic pain, and a suite of symptoms that no one could put together into a diagnosis. After just one session my body felt much better, and my mind felt much clearer. Working with Amy over about a year, my symptoms diminished and – maybe even more fun – my mind really settled down, as if I was getting myself back. I’ve worked with a lot of energy healers … Amy is exceptional in her abilities and insights. I would recommend her to anyone, no exceptions.” ~ NS, Benson, AZ


” Amy has a wonderful presence and holds a warming space. I always leave feeling a lot better (particulary emotionally) than when I arrived. I love the focus of the session on tuning in to my intuition. Amy has recommended books (I love books) for me that could benefit me at the current time. She has helped me through a big hurdle in life and always has great advice that fits me well. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants a limitless option to healing.” ~ SR, Tucson, AZ


“Am thankful to have crossed paths with Amy. She saw my partner and I in a session. Even though most of what she does is place her hands and breathe.. I’ll like to share that it’s an experience that I’ll love to have again if opportunity presents itself.” ~ CH, Singapore


“Amy is a loving and effective energy healer who brings her natural sense of joy to each session. I’ve worked with her for many years and have been helped with physical issues, such as recovering from a car accident, and emotional issues, such as raising my energy level and self-esteem. She is a true Tucson treasure!” ~ MW, Tucson, AZ


“I have know Amy for nearly 20 years. She is a deeply knowledgeable and highly intuitive Advanced Energy Medicine practitioner. She is also the best nutrition coach I have ever had.” ~ DA, Sonoma, CA


“I went to Amy on the recommendation of a friend who has seen her as a client. I’d gained excess weight and felt sluggish. No matter how much coffee I drank I just couldn’t muster my usual energy level. Amy first ran me through the “Swami” dietary guidelines based on blood type and other factors. She then worked on the subtle energy systems of my body. I started feeling better right away. At first it was a big emotional release. Then my body responded. I lost 10% of my body weight and gained back my energy. Cut way down on coffee consumption. Learned a quick acupressure routine for balancing my body and releasing tension. Let go of some limiting beliefs and kinda psyched myself into a new optimism. Amy is the real deal.” ~ JD, Tucson, AZ


“Amy is a truly gifted healing practitioner who has a genuine passion for helping others! I had the good fortune to be introduced to Amy from a girlfriend who experienced wonderful results. I had an AMAZING first session that really made me want more. I hadn’t much knowledge regarding energy medicine, but because of Amy’s desire to help me improve my health I learned and felt better with each session. I later took the Donna Eden Energy 101 & 102 classes taught by Amy. I am forever grateful for the care, sincerity, and education I have received from Amy! I cannot say enough good things about her and her practice. I highly recommend her services you will not be disappointed!!” ~ KA, Gilbert, Arizona 


“I started going to Amy due to a cholesterol issue and some pretty bad news from a physician. I had an extremely poor diet, I had no energy, constant joint and back pain and fear that something terrible was going to happen if I continued on this path. It’s been only a few months since Amy has started helping me with SWAMI and the results are absolutely there. I’ve lost weight, regained my energy, I’ve been able to build muscle a lot faster but the best part of all this is I don’t live in constant fear that my health is failing. Amy always has time to answer any question I have and is always there when I need help so I don’t feel like I’m doing this by myself. I can honestly say this was the best decision I’ve made for my health.” ~ MC, Tucson, AZ


“Meeting Amy with Healing Options utterly changed the trajectory of my life.  When I met Amy I was in chronic pain, fatigued and overwhelmed with little hope for the future.  I had been diagnosed with a chronic disease, interstitial cystitis, that did not have a good future prognosis.  Deep down I knew I was a healthy and vital person, but none of the professionals I had talked to seemed to agree.  They just wanted to prescribe another medicine or another partially effective treatment that would in some way fix me.  When I met Amy for the first time, not only did she see the healthy and vital person shining through, but she also opened up this whole new world of energy medicine and healing to me.  On some level I always knew that this world existed, but I had never heard anybody talk about it so openly and honestly.  Amy, talked about it out loud and that is exactly what I needed!  I have been seeing Amy for 5 years now and I am still amazed every time I see her of how she manages to always see the healthy and vital person that I knew was always there.  I also always walk out feeling better than I did when I walk in.  I am happy to say that I am doing much better now, the chronic disease is but a distant memory.  More importantly I have learned, along with Amy’s help of course, how to find that healthy and vital person for myself.  That is the most wonderful gift that one person can give another and this is the impact that Amy has made in my life.  Thank you, Amy!” ~ KC, Gilbert, AZ


“Amy is a highly intuitive and gifted energy practitioner who uses multiple advanced modalities to create balance in the mind, body and spirit. She truly values your individual journey- from cultivating resiliency in the body to working with more chronic conditions. Her extensive years of experience in helping people of all ages is felt within the first moments of being greeted. I’ve come away from my sessions with Amy with deep gratitude and awe at what is possible in my life and the magnificent intelligence our body holds.” ~ CW, Tucson, AZ


“Having been to many different of healers over 20 years, Amy is number 1 on the list. Here is what you receive in a healing session: feeling and knowing are emotionally safe and safe on all levels, a healer who listens and assists in helping you empower yourself with Inner Knowing and physically you feel SO MUCH better when you leave, ready to be You in this world!!” ~ RC, Tucson, AZ


“Amy’s Meridian class was fantastic! It was both informative and interactive. Amy is an excellent teacher, first giving us the basic information, explaining different ways to interpret our and other’s bodies/pain/words, and answering our questions. Then she allowed us a chance to play with this information, working on other people in the class – with her guidance. We were able to follow our intuition and ideas in a safe environment, using Amy as a sounding board when we felt stuck or unsure. As a beginning practitioner, this was invaluable information. It helped me to understand more ways that energy moves, as well as how to help guide it back when it goes off track. The practical section of the class also gave me a chance to listen to other people’s physical or emotional discomfort, and practice helping the energy to move freely again. So powerful! This class would be great for anyone! Whether you simply want to work on aligning your own energy, help family members with pain or health problems, or want to become a practitioner, this class will give you the tools to start. I’m looking forward to the next class Amy offers, so I can continue to learn and grow my own gifts. “~ BC, Gilbert, AZ

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