Healing Sessions

Reiki & Energy Medicine Sessions

Reiki and Energy Medicine are gentle methods that restore the body’s natural subtle energy balance. Both use light touch but do not require touch to be effective. You will remain fully clothed.

What happens during a session is highly individual, and what you experience will be based on your individual body’s needs. A feeling of well being, peace and ease is common after a session.

Sessions are equally effective remotely or in person. Remote sessions are available via phone or WhatsApp.

Please refrain from using any scented products to a session.

Please arrive promptly at your scheduled time, and make sure to fit any questions within the 60 minute session as I am not able to run over time.

Sessions are $140 for 60 minutes.

Contact me to schedule a session.

Bach Flower Remedy Consultation

Dr. Edward Bach, a Physician, bacteriologist, immunologist, pathologist and homeopath in the early 1900s, believed it essential to treat the cause, not the disease. The 38 Bach Flower Remedies were developed to treat the patient according to their individual mood. Dr. Bach believed that a healthy emotional life allowed the body to find its own natural state of health.

Sessions are equally effective remotely or in person.

Sessions are $140 for 60 minutes. Includes one custom blended remedy.

Contact me to schedule a session.

Grid & Regression

The Grid is the framework for all of the body’s energy systems. The resilience of all of the other systems depends on the integrity of the Grid. Shock or trauma at any time in our life can cause disruptions to the Grid, which can appear as feeling off. A fractured Grid can be responsible for someone being more vulnerable to illness, more emotionally fragile or less adaptive to environmental challenges.

When a body has a fractured Grid, other systems adapt by forming a temporary work-around structure. Repairing the Grid allows the body’s systems to return to their original pathways and responsibilities.

Grid work affects all of the other systems in the body, and it is important that all other systems are functioning their best prior to beginning Grid work.

The impact of Grid work is unique to each individual. It is best to have an extended rest time afterward to allow the Grid work to fully integrate.

Regression is an opportunity to gently heal traumas from the past. We travel together to a place in time where the trauma initiated and help the body to heal from the experience. The gentle process helps with healing issues that seem to repeat throughout our lifetime.

Grid & Regression Sessions are open ended and charged at the rate of $200/hour.

Contact me for more information.

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