Eden Method Classes

Eden Method – Introduction to Energy Medicine

This two day class with Amy Schill is an introduction to the Eden Method. This class is straight forward, easy, and full of information to help you take better care of yourself and help others do the same.

You will learn:

  • a simple Daily Routine to build resilience and help you to feel better both physically and emotionally.
  • how to rebalance your energies and begin to relieve symptoms associated with auto-immune disorders, adrenal fatigue, diabetes, indigestion, allergies, sleep issues, anxiety and more.
  • techniques to reduce stress.
  • basic energy testing techniques including self testing.
  • powerful pain relief techniques that address the root cause.

Eden Method Level 1: Fundamentals Training Classes

If you are looking for tools for self-care or to begin your journey as a practitioner, this it the place to start.

Taught by Amy Schill and based on the empowering work of Donna Eden, Level 1: Fundamentals will teach you the core techniques of Eden Energy Medicine. You’ll learn about the body’s energy systems and techniques to keep those energies balanced and flowing for optimal health. Those who wish to become Certified may continue on to a second year of study.

These training classes are taught over a series of four extended weekends in the course of a year.

In these small classes with individual attention and hands on practice you will get the personalized instruction you need to build confidence with the techniques.

These classes are open to everyone. There are no prerequisites required to enroll. Everyone can learn this method.

You will graduate at the end of the year qualified to enter Level 2 of the Eden Method Certification Training Program and be on your way to building a healing practice as an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner!


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