Healing Through Art

Healing through Art

Art has a profound healing ability. Nurturing our own creativity through art enhances our natural healing ability and grants us deeper self knowledge. Because of this it is essential to integrate creative work into our energy healing journey.

In my years of experience as a healer I have discovered that everyone benefits from creative expression. Many illnesses and blocks are a result of disengaging our creative flow in an attempt to “grow up”. Rekindling the joy of creativity we had as children leads to profound healing and a greater connection with the self.


I now integrate creativity into my healing curriculum because this deep need for creativity is something that energy work alone cannot remedy. It requires practical hands on experience.


I offer weekly classes where students can explore their creativity in a low-pressure, fun environment.


Classes are every Wednesday 9:00-11:00am. The fee is $200 for a month. The 5th Wednesday of a month will have no class. Limited to 6 students due to studio space.


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