Healing Options Energy Medicine Classes


The Language of Meridians

Learn about Meridians, the pathways that transport energy throughout the body. You will learn their locations and key points for supporting the meridians. You will also learn different ways to see if energy is moving through the meridians, where energy may be stuck, and how to get it moving again. You will learn Energy Medicine techniques for resetting your body's time clock when traveling, to help relieve jet lag and Energy Medicine techniques to support Meridian energy flow.

To register, amy@healingoptions.com or 520-241-4750.

The Five Elements

We will explore The Chinese 5 Element Theory. You will learn about the elements, how they work together and how to use the knowledge to uncover the hidden language in physical symptoms. You will learn techniques for assessing and balancing the elements.

To register, amy@healingoptions.com or 520-241-4750.


You will learn about Chakras, the 7 spiraling energy centers that are responsible for bringing fresh energy to the body, and transporting stagnant energy out of the body. They provide energy to the organs, tendons, ligaments, muscles, veins and arteries located within each Chakra. In addition to processing energy, they also are responsible for processing experiences and information. You will learn about these powerful energy centers, how to assess their health, and how to balance each one individually, as well as to each other.

Following Your "Gut"

We will explore techniques for tapping into your Inner Guidance System. You will learn the basics of listening to, and following your intuition.

Friend Or Foe?

You will learn how to befriend your Fight/Flight response, and help it to become less reactive and more resilient. Learn about the Vagus Nerve, and how to strengthen the Parasympathetic Nervous System which is responsible for Rest~Digest~Restore.

Playing With Your Tools

Designed for those who who have a solid understanding of Energy Medicine tools and techniques. I will teach you how to take your skills and tools and look at them with a fresh perspective; to optimize your personal health and client sessions.

  • Learn how to combine and adapt your tools.
  • Learn new tools and protocols.
  • Learn how to develop and strengthen your intuition.
  • Learn how to listen to your client's needs through the understanding of the 5 Elements.